Eureka Tower Excursion

Maryam’s Recount

On Wednesday the 23rd of March, The grade 5/6s went to an excursion to the Eureka tower by train. It is the tallest building in Melbourne and is very interesting.

We went up the Eureka tower by an elevator and it was annoying. We saw the view of the city and it was awesome. Some people got a chance to go to the edge but I didn’t. One part of it has gold glass.

After the Eureka tower we walked to a garden near the MCG and had lunch there. Then we walked to cooks cottage witch is Captain James cook’s parent’s house. It was bought to Australia from Yorkshire. It is the oldest building in Australia.

Next, we went to treasury garden and it had a building were all the treasure from the gold rush is stored. It must be very well guarded.

Lastly, we went to the parliament of Victoria and took a picture in the stairs with the police officer!

It was a very a fun and interesting excursion & I really enjoyed it.


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Henry’s Recount

Yesterday we were very excited because we were going up to Eureka sky deck 88. We got our bags together and set off walking to the train station. We were about to cross a crossing when the boom gates sounded. A train was approaching going the way we wanted to go. We ran to the train station to where the other group was waiting. We found it was not our train and there was no need to run because our train was 10 minutes away. We had a quick count and then we waited for the train. I was playing chopsticks (hand game) with my friend when the boom gates sounded for the second time.


We got on the train and it started moving. It was quite noisy in the train because students were chatting. I’m not really sure any of the other passengers enjoyed it. It was Flinders street station we got off at. Straight away we saw that 287m tall Eureka Tower imbedded in the 24-carrot gold its top gleaming like nothing else in the city. It seemed amazing that we were such a lucky school to be doing this and going up to the tallest tower in Melbourne. It was a long time before group one finally departed. After I was going to pay for the edge, which is a little glass box with special chemicals that erased the effect of no windows so that there was a glass floor. Looking down at it was really scary one student actually cried! Finally the edge was over and we got out.


Cooks’ cottage is a little cottage built in Yorkshire England that Captain Cook’s parents lived in and they had it transported to Australia (New Holland in that time) and had every brick placed in the right spot perfectly rebuilt to be a structure in Melbourne. It got shipped on the ship Port Dunedin.


Next we went to the treasury building via the treasury gardens apparently, the treasury building was meant to carry the gold from the gold rush and it was heavily guarded by well, I don’t really know but it was definitely heavily guarded by the thing what ever it was. It was built during the gold rush and Miles Lewis who was a famous architectural historian described it as “The finest public building exterior in Melbourne. It was time for parliament house. In 1851 Melbourne was in need of a parliament house where all the politicians could meet. It turned into a competition with who could bring up the best design. Charles Parsley a former soldier and military engineer dominated the competition and Peter Kerr a Scottish architect later changed his design. We got on the train via parliament house and went home and go to Moreland Primary School.

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Last week the grade 5/6s went to Candle Bark Farm. It was a very exciting experience for the grade 5/6s.

On the way to Candle Bark Farm we stopped at Healseville Sanctuary. We saw heaps of different animals such as snakes, dingoes, an emu, a lyrebird and many more. After we had look at some animals we saw the Spirits of The Sky bird show. We learnt about lots of birds from parrots to eagles. We learnt about their hunting skills, diet, habitat and how to help them continue to survive.


When we got to camp the owners of the camp, Michael and Greg, told us the rules, boundaries and the locations of all the things at Candle Bark Farm. After that we checked out our cabins, ate afternoon tea, got sorted into our activity groups (the Rosellas, Kookaburras, Possums and Dingoes) and started our first activities, the boundary walk and the photo find. The boundary walk was both tiring and stunning because we got to see amazing views of the country. In the photo find we had to identify if the places in Candle Bark were north, south, east or west as well as rhymes or other clues. After the activities we hung out in our cabins and then ate dinner at 6pm. We had chicken noodle soup (entrée), lasagne with mashed potato and vegetables (main), and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Then we had a night walk, started a movie called Cool Runnings, celebrated Saja’s birthday and ate her birthday cake for supper.


IMG_6140The next day we all got up bright and early, ate breakfast (toast and cereal) and went to our cabins to get ready for our activities for the day. The activities were low ropes, gaga ball, games shed and the Super Swooper! We did an activity then had morning tea. After morning tea we did another activity, had lunch, did another activity, had afternoon tea and then did our last activity for the day. Then we hung out in our cabins to get ready for dinner. For dinner we ate tomato soup (entrée), roast lamb, potato, carrots, peas and pumpkin (main) and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream for desert. After that we all got ready to perform in an act. And after all the acts we did a quiz and finished off the movie.


IMG_6168On our last morning we ate breakfast (toast and cereal) and then cleaned our cabins until they were spotless. We brought our suitcases and bags down to the hall where we sorted into groups. The groups played in the games shed, played board games and played a game with Daniel where you were blind folded and had to find the ball in the square with directions

IMG_6169 from your group. The first person to find the ball won! After we had done those activities and had lunch we boarded the bus and rode back to school. When we got there we all waited in the assembly hall for our parents.


We were sad camp was over, yet happy to be home!


By Nina

Brunswick Secondary Excursion

On March the 11 2016 the grade 5/6s went to Brunswick Secondary High School for the morning. While we were there we saw the familiar faces of old MPS students. We were separated into to groups, red group and the blue group. We were in the blue group the blue group stayed in the auditorium and we were shown a very cool science reaction. After that, the red group did science and the blue group had to do a treasure hunt. We had to get eight stamps from eight different students around the school. We had hints so it wasn’t very hard but it was good to see school grounds. We all went back in the auditorium and listened to a group sing. After that we asked a few questions (we had lots) to the teacher in charge of our whole group.

By Jaimie.

Young Leaders Conference

On Wednesday 11 young, current and future leaders had the privilege to attend the National Young Leaders Conference. This year the conference was about “mastering the little.” There were 4 leaders from around Australia, who were very inspirational and taught us how to never give up.

The first leader was Nathan Dubsy Want. Nathan was a personal trainer, he loved to have fun something he said and taught us was to learn to say no. It’s not always easy he would say and become a person that will focus. He first leadership position was in a boot camp as a personal trainer, but as more people were into aerobics he was getting mad and thought that boot camp was more important and that they should be doing boot camp and not aerobics. His idea was that fitness should be being told what to do and when to do it.


Another leader who spoke was Dylan Parker, a paper pilot. The movie ‘Paper planes’ was based on Dylan Parker. He first started folding planes was at a paper plane competition at university. He entered the competition and made it to the next round, which was in Western Australia. He won that round and made it to the World Paper Planes competition and came third. He was a leader because when he believed he wanted to be a paper pilot no one really believed in him and thought that becoming a paper pilot wasn’t a good idea, but he proved those people wrong and believed in himself and now look at where he is, one of the worlds paper pilot champions and has a movie based on him.


Harry Baker, the worlds champion poet.

He didn’t know he was a good poet or writer until he went in a competition with his ‘Bumble Bee’ poem. He ended up winning all the way to the World Poet Slam completion, and won! His poems were very cool and if you have time, you should search for his ‘Paper People’ poem. He taught us to always be confident, to encourage each other, to support each other and to believe in your self. “ Don’t believe someone who tells you, you can’t do anything” is something he said. He also said life is difficult and to never give up. He is now an amazing leader and poet. Don’t forget to check out his amazing poem on paper people.


Kate Austin is the owner of the campaign Pinchapoo. Kate thought of this idea, which was about pinching little shampoo bottles from hotels and motels. But the shampoo wasn’t for her, it was for the ones in need, refugees and the ones getting abused and not feeling safe in their homes. She thought of this idea because she was a person who didn’t feel safe at home and was getting abused. Kate got a lot of people saying no to this campaign and people pushing her back, not believing in her and saying no but she pushed through. She believes that those two little letters in the word no don’t mean anything. She is definitely someone who believes that whatever life throws at you, you will definitely be able to get through it no matter what tough situation you’ve gotten in to and that is why she was voted a nominee for Australian of the year.

By Nini and Vira.


On Friday the 4th of March it was national ride 2 school day. It’s a day where the government encourages every one to ride to school. On the day Moreland primary school celebrated the day by selling hot cross buns and hot chocolate. Also if you rode you got a special ride 2 school day stickers. It was so great that nearly every student and parent rode or walked and we gave out more than 200 stickers! The grade with the most riders was the ½’s and they received a super special ride 2 school day trophy.

By Nicholas.

House Captains

The house captains for 2016 have been announced.

It has been confirmed that the house captains are: Blue Noah c and Ali vc, Green Miki c and Eren vc, Red Arjun c and Jaimie vc, Yellow Imogen c and Sebastian vc

c = captain; vc = vice captain

Congratulations to all those who made great speeches and successful candidates!

Author: Arjun



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